Building Industrial Strength Performance Tools

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Google Tech Talks
October, 26 2007


In this talk we will discuss the issues involved in building
industrial-strength performance tools. We first discuss the
requirements for such tools, and then the issues and tradeoffs
involved in compiling the targets for the tools. We then discuss data
collection, and the strengths and weaknesses of the different
technologies that can be used. We go on to discuss the issues involved
in data presentation, and how to show data in the user's model of the
code, rather than in the implementation model in which the data is
collected. Finally, we discuss the issues involved in testing such

Speaker: Marty Itzkowitz, Sun Microsystems
Marty Itzkowitz is Architect and Project Lead of Performance Tools at
Sun Microsystems, where he is responsible for various tools including
Sun Studio Performance Analyzer. Previous to Sun, Marty was Technical
Lead for Performance and Parallelization Tools at SGI, where he lead
the development of SGI SpeedShop and SGI Developer Magic.

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