XWiki: the french open source cousin of JotSpot

Posted in Conferences on November 10, 2007

Google Tech Talks
October, 10 2007


XWiki is a second generation open source Wiki - see http://xwiki.org

We present the XWiki development platform for building collaborative web applications, talk about future fun stuff like P2P replication, offline Wikis, multi-syntax wiki, GWT Wysiwyg editor, etc. For those interested in the development process we can talk about XWiki's open source development, its community, our automated build and automated functional tests and more.

Speaker: Ludovic Dubost
Prior to create XWiki, Ludovic Dubost was CTO of NetValue one of the first Internet startup to make an IPO on the French stock market. There with a Internet specialist team he built the measurement technology that is now used by the leader of Internet Measurement Nielsen//NetRatings.

Speaker: Vincent Massol
I'm Technical Director of XWiki, a second generation wiki. My full bio is available on linkedin.

Current open source projects I am still participating to:

* Cactus : JUnit extension to perform in-container unit testing of J2EE applications
* Maven : Next generation project build tool. I have especially created the following Maven plugins.

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