An Update on the Open Source InChI Project

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Science on November 13, 2007

Google Tech Talks
October, 29 2007


Back in November when Steve Stein & I came to Google to give talk on the
Open Source InChI project we found the feedback from the Google people
very helpful. We have now developed the hash code string suggested
that day and are coming back to talk about the status of the project now that we have a string with Google and other search engines can use (we hope) without problems.

Background: The objective of the IUPAC Chemical Identifier Project is to establish a unique label, the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI), which is a non-proprietary identifier for chemical substances that could be used in printed and electronic data sources thus enabling easier linking of diverse data compilations. It was officially released in April 2005 and within a year it has been incorporated into numerous public and private databases. The largest individual database of structures with InChI's is currently about 40 million.

Speaker: Stephen R. Heller
Speaker: Steve Stein

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