Developing Rich Internet Apps with Adobe AIR

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Google Tech Talks
November, 20 2007

Adobe AIR™ software is a new cross--operating system runtime that enables web application developers to extend the reach and functionality of rich Internet applications (RIAs). With Adobe AIR, you can build RIAs and deploy them to the desktop using the technologies, tools and development models you employ today when building browser-based RIAs. In this talk, we'll provide an overview with examples of some of the powerful capabilities provided by Adobe AIR including support for system notifications, H.264 video, native operating system windows/menus, drag and drop, clipboard support and much more.

Speaker: Ed Rowe
Director of Engineering, Adobe AIR

As a director of engineering in the Platform Business Unit at Adobe Systems, Ed heads engineering for the company's Adobe AIR project -- a cross-operating system, service-oriented runtime that is being developed to extend the capabilities of Rich Internet Applications to the desktop. The development of this client is a strategic priority for Adobe, helping the company integrate many of its core technologies with new technologies acquired in the merger with Macromedia.

Speaker: Luis Polanco
Sr. Product Manager, Adobe AIR
Luis is a senior product manager for AIR at Adobe. Luis has managed a variety of next-generation client and server software, including desktop applications and enterprise software products.

Speaker: Rob Christensen
Sr. Product Manager, Adobe AIR

As a senior product manager on Adobe AIR, Rob is leading up . Rob has worked on a variety of web products at Adobe and Macromedia over the past nine years.

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