Upcoming Changes to the JavaScript Language

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Google Tech Talks
November, 14 2007


After eight years of work in the standards committee, JavaScript will soon get an update. We present the highlights and rationales of the proposed changes to JavaScript.

The fourth edition of the ECMAScript (JavaScript) language represents a significant evolution of the third edition language, which was standardized in 1999. ES4 is compatible with ES3 and adds important facilities for programming in the large (classes, interfaces, namespaces, packages, program units, optional type annotations, and optional static type checking and verification), evolutionary programming and scripting, data structure construction, control abstraction (proper tail calls, iterators, and generators), and introspection. Improved support for regular expressions and Unicode, richer libraries, and proper block scoping are also added.

Speaker: Waldemar Horwat
Speaker: Pascal-Louis Perez

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