Practical Quantum Cryptography and Possible Attacks

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Science on March 13, 2008

Google Tech Talks
January, 24 2008


Quantum cryptography is actually about secure distribution of an encryption key between two parties. In this talk I give an introduction to practical quantum cryptography. I will describe the technical details of a few implementations, how the security of the distributed key might be compromised, and what steps can be taken to prevent this.

Speaker: Alexander Ling
Alexander Ling is a graduate student with the Experimental Quantum Optics group in the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. He has spent the last four years building sources of high-quality polarization-entangled photon-pairs. The entangled light is then used for various things like testing the validity of quantum mechanics and quantum key distribution.
He hopes to complete his Ph.D. in 4 months.

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