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Google Tech Talks
February, 7 2008


A few years ago, development of the X Window System was revitalized by a change in management and the rise of a new generation of machines and operating systems. This talk is a tour of X, with emphasis on the things that are new and the things that are to come: advances in 2D rendering, use of 3D hardware, high-quality typography,
revamped input support, client-side migration of responsibilities, and new support for the critical layers of software between the server and the toolkit. It's the seventh Year of the Linux Desktop, and the future has never looked shinier.

Speaker: Keith Packard, Intel
Keith Packard was employee number three at the MIT X Consortium, and has written a substantial portion of the open-source X Window System server. He currently works
for Intel, and is a founding Board Member of the X.Org Foundation.

Speaker: Barton C Massey, Portland State University
Bart Massey is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Portland State University, and Secretary of the X.Org Foundation. His current research interests are in development and deployment of open hardware and software technologies.

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