MVC Storefront, Part 1: Architectural Discussion and Overview

Posted in Frameworks, Companies, Development on May 27, 2008

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I'm creating an ongoing series of webcasts and blog posts, documenting the building of an eCommerce storefront using ASP.NET MVC. It's important to understand that this application has not been built yet - you're gonna help me do it :).

The goal is to build this application as openly, and "currently" as possible using an Agile approach with TDD. My goal is to post to this series at least twice a week as I build this application, taking your feedback and adjusting/discussing issues as they come up.

This first installment discusses our architectural and philosophical approach and I have some great conversations with people like Oren Eine (aka Ayende Rahien) and Steven Harman from the SubText team.

by Rob Conery

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