MVC Storefront, Part 3: Pipes and Filters

Posted in Frameworks, Companies, Development on May 29, 2008

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In this screencast I tackle some recent feedback on parts 1 and 2, and I also dive into the Pipes and Filters pattern I'm implementing on top of the Repository.

I also have popped the code up on CodePlex and you're welcome to download the source, such as it is :).

Lots To Say
There's a lot here in this screencast - I really wanted to capture the whole TDD "vibe" while at the same time making the screencast watchable. I didn't want to go over 15 minutes, so I ended up editing a whole lot to keep the flow moving. It might seem a bit choppy - but I'm hoping you'll be able to stop and go back when needed.

I've also upped my font size, and changed the encoding for better quality.

Hopefully you can see the process I went through clearly while coding :)... that's my goal here.

by Rob Conery

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