Ola Bini Discusses JRuby

Posted in Development, Conferences on May 31, 2008

Ola Bini Discusses JRuby

Ola Bini discusses JRuby, an implementation of Ruby written in Java that runs on the JVM. Amongst other things, Ola talks about his appreciation for the Ruby community, and describes his view of the differences with the Java community. He also briefly discusses his vision on the future of Ruby, particularly the potential of merging some of the more powerful features found in Lisp.

Ola Bini work for ThoughtWorks Studios, and recently authored 'Practical JRuby on Rails' published by Apress. He is very interested in Artificial Intelligence, Lisp, Ruby and the fuzzy lines between languages. Ola blogs at http://ola-bini.blogspot.com/

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