MVC Storefront, Part 13: Dependency Injection

Posted in Frameworks, Companies, Development on June 07, 2008

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This is a long one! I sat with Jeremy Miller (of StructureMap/CodeBetter fame) for over 2 hours, talking about DI, Singletons, kids, and other things and what came of it is, in my opinion, the best webcast in this series.

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I got this comment on my blog the other day from Ryan:

...release the stuff that is unedited. It might sound crazy, but when you said you had 2 hours of hashing [out] Structure Map with Jeremy Miller, I thought "wow, that would have been two hours I would pay for." So let us go through the "a ha!" moments with you and release the unedited stuff.

So you got it! The only thing I did to this session was to edit out the mumbling, grumbling, and occasional gaff from yours truly (and some height jokes Jeremy kept throwing towards Bellware). I tried to make this as seamless development experience as possible - please do let me know what you think.

by Rob Conery

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