Pete Lacey on REST and Web Services

Posted in Web Technologies, Conferences on June 05, 2008

Pete Lacey on REST and Web Services

In this interview, recorded at QCon San Francisco, (then) Burton Group consultant Pete Lacey talks to Stefan Tilkov about the reasons for his disillusionment SOAP and his opinions on how to best achieve loose coupling. Pete also describes the ideas behind REST, and addresses some of its perceived shortcomings. Finally, he discusses cases wher SOAP/WS-* or RESTful HTTP might be more appropriate.

Pete Lacey is a consultant for Burton Group, a research and advisory company. He has been active in software and IT for 20 years having previously held development, consulting, and management positions at Netscape, Cisco, and numerous startups. Pete specializes in Web-based application development and service-oriented architecture, and is well known as an advocate of the REST style approach.

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