Randy Shoup Discusses the eBay Architecture

Posted in Graphics, Conferences on June 11, 2008

Randy Shoup Discusses the eBay Architecture

In this interview from QCon San Francisco 2007, Randy Shoup discusses the architecture of eBay. Topics discussed include eBay's architectural principles, horizontal and vertical partitioning, ACID vs. BASE, handling data inconsistency, distributed caching, updating eBay on the fly, architectural and coding standards, eBay's search infrastructure, grid computing, and SOA.

Randy Shoup is a Distinguished Architect in the eBay Marketplace Architecture group. Since 2004, he has been the primary architect for eBay's search infrastructure. Prior to eBay, Randy was Chief Architect at Tumbleweed Communications, and has also held a variety of software development and architecture roles at Oracle and Informatica.

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