Joseph Pelrine's Blend of Science, Process &Teamwork

Posted in Project Management, Conferences on June 12, 2008

Joseph Pelrine's Blend of Science, Process &Teamwork

Joseph Pelrine was present when XP took its first steps, was Europe's first Certified Scrum Trainer, and today is still breaking new ground. In this 2007 InfoQ interview, Joseph talked about Network Analysis and how Social Complexity Science informs his work with teams; the usefulness of the Dilbert archetype; & a speed-dating technique to help teams get started (creating software, of course).

Joseph Pelrine ( is an agile pioneer, a leading XP expert, and Europe's first Certified ScrumMaster Practitioner and Trainer. As a facilitator, he concentrates not only on the technical side of software development, but also on the "people" side, working at enabling customers, managers and developers to communicate more easily and clearly with each other.

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