Dan Diephouse on Atom, AtomPub, REST and Web Services

Posted in Frameworks, Web Technologies, Conferences on June 14, 2008

Dan Diephouse on Atom, AtomPub, REST and Web Services

In this interview, recorded at QCon SF, Stefan Tilkov talks to noted Web services expert and open source developer Dan Diephouse about the benefits of using the Atom Pub and Atom standards for business applications, pros and cons of using REST, and upcoming features of the Apache CXF web services stack.

Dan Diephouse is an enterprise architect and open source developer,founder of XFire, the incubating Apache CXF project (aka XFire 2.0) and a committer on several other open source projects, including Apache Abdera, XmlSchema, and Jettison. He currently works at MuleSource where he is focused on building and helping others build open source web services/SOA solutions.

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