Coplien and Martin Debate TDD, CDD and Professionalism

Posted in Project Management, Testing, Conferences on June 25, 2008

Coplien and Martin Debate TDD, CDD and Professionalism

Debate sprang up at JAOO '07 around Bob Martin's assertion that "nowadays it is irresponsible for a developer to ship a line of code he has not executed in a unit test." In this InfoQ video, he debated with Jim Coplien on this and other topics, including Design by Contract vs. TDD and how much up-front architecture is needed to keep a system consistent with the business domain model.

Bob Martin is an Agile Manifesto author, and author of books on Agile Programming, XP, UML, O-O Programming, and C++. He is CEO and president of Object Mentor Jim Coplien is a software pioneer in o-o programming and C++ and multi-paradigm design. He appreciates the human side of design, and has written critically acclaimed books on design and development.

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