QCon Panel: What will the Future of Java Development Be?

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Graphics, Conferences on June 25, 2008

QCon Panel: What will the Future of Java Development Be?

In this panel discussion from QCon San Francisco, several influential leaders of the software development community discussed and debated the future of the Java language and APIs based upon the lessons we have learned from the past. Topics included static versus dynamic languages, removing code from Java, forking the JVM, and the next big programming language.

Chet Haase is a client architect in the Java Platform Standard Edition group at Sun. Charles Nutter is a lead developer on the JRuby project, and also works at Sun. Rod Johnson is the CEO of SpringSource. Joshua Bloch is the Chief Java Architect at Google, and is a former Sun Distinguished Engineer. Erik Meijer is the inventor of LINQ and architect in Microsoft's SQL Server division.

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