Charles Nutter discusses JRuby

Posted in Development, Frameworks, Databases, Conferences on June 27, 2008

Charles Nutter discusses JRuby

JRuby project lead Charles Nutter discusses how he got involved with JRuby, Sun's involvement with JRuby, how JRuby fits into enterprise-level web applications, the possibility of a friendly fork of the OpenJDK source code, reasons for switching to JRuby, the future of JRuby, Spring and JRuby, and the Ruby community as a whole.

Charles Nutter has been a Java developer since 1996, recently working as the senior Java architect at Ventera Corp and in September 2006 moved to Sun to work full-time on JRuby! He led the open-source LiteStep project in the late 90s and came to Ruby in the fall of 2004. Since then he has been a member of the JRuby team, helping to make it a true alternative Ruby platform.

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