dnrTV Show #11: Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 2 of 2

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Project Management, Testing on June 29, 2008

dnrTV Show #11: Jean Paul Boodhoo on Test Driven Development Part 2 of 2

Jean Paul Boodhoo gets real with TDD in this the second of a two-part series on TDD. Instead of showing simple brain-dead samples, JP uses a Model-View-Presenter solution to populate a drop-down listbox on a web page. This is a really great way to get into the discipline of TDD.

Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo is a .NET delivery expert who has been working with the .NET Framework since beta 1 of .NET 1.0. He spends his days working as an independent consultant; helping teams realize success through agile practices and pragmatic Behavior Driven Development techniques. He has a passion for sharing information on applied behaviour driven development with .NET, and has written articles for Visual Studio magazine, DevX, CoDe, and MSDN that utilize BDD to pragmatically apply .NET. Jean-Paul has had the opportunity to deliver webcasts for Microsoft on the topic of design patterns in the real world. He enjoys getting active in local user groups presenting ways that developers can harness the power of .NET to realize flexible, maintainable applications. He has a passion for empowering developers to break the stereotypical developer mold and take the effort to break into the developer community to make their own mark. His efforts in the community have earned him a Microsoft MVP award. Jean-Paul can be reached at jp@jpboodhoo.com and makes continual efforts to update his blog at http://www.jpboodhoo.com/blog. When not developing Jean-Paul can be found relaxing with his amazing wife and their four beautiful kids

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