Jimmy Nilsson on LINQ to SQL

Posted in Frameworks, Databases, Development, Conferences on June 29, 2008

Jimmy Nilsson on LINQ to SQL

In this interview, Jimmy focuses on LINQ to SQL and ORM. Jimmy has tried to create a similar technology to LINQ to SQL in the past, but without similar results. While LINQ to SQL is a step in the right direction, .NET still lags behind other programming languages in object-relational mapping capabilities.

Jimmy Nilsson is co-founder and CEO of the Swedish consulting company factor10. He has written numerous technical articles and two books, including 'Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns'. He has also been training and speaking at conferences, but above everything else, in his own words, he is a developer with twenty years of experience. Visit Jimmy's blog at http://JimmyNilsson.com/blog/.

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