Hugh Ivory Reveals the New Face of DSDM

Posted in Project Management, Conferences on June 30, 2008

Hugh Ivory Reveals the New Face of DSDM

Called "the grandmother" of the agile methodologies, DSDM V1 was released in 1995. The methodology is owned and collaboratively developed by the members of the not-for profit DSDM Consortium, and until V4.2 was only available to members. But the recent V5 or "Atern" release is now publicly available. Director Hugh Ivory provided an overview at Agile2007.

Hugh Ivory is a Director of the DSDM Consortium, a core member of the DSDM Atern work group, & a promoter of the DSDM framework in Ireland. He is a Business Analyst and Program Management Practitioner with twenty five years experience facilitating IT-enabled change. Hugh has been heavily involved in the work of the Consortium since 1999, & founded Best Outcomes in 2000

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