Joe Walker on DWR

Posted in Frameworks, Web Technologies, Development, Conferences on July 02, 2008

Joe Walker on DWR

InfoQ spoke with Joe Walker at QCon London 2007 about the DWR toolkit. Walker discussed DWR 2.0 including new features such as details about 'reverse AJAX', the deal with TIBCO, DWR support in IDEs, the integration with Spring, future plans for DWR, and interesting applications of DWR from the very large to the very flashy.

Joe Walker is a developer and consultant working on advanced web development techniques like Ajax. He recently developed DWR which has become the most popular AJAX toolkit for Java by making browser/server interaction intuitive for web developers. He currently works through his consultancy, Getahead Ltd, which is supplying a growing number of customers with AJAX and advanced web solutions.

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