Peter Kriens discusses OSGi

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Conferences on July 02, 2008

Peter Kriens discusses OSGi

InfoQ recently sat down with Peter Kriens of the OSGi Alliance to learn more about OSGi. Kriens discussed OSGi's origins in the mobile space, it's integration with Eclipse, the current integration work with Spring, and the future R5 specification. He also discussed the ongoing debate over OSGi and JSR 277, and gave his perspective on what an ideal solution would be for modularity at the JVM level.

Peter Kriens is currently the OSGi Director of Technology. He has worked extensively for major companies like Intel, Ericsson, Motorola, Adobe, IBM, and Nokia. In 1998 he started working with the precursor to the OSGi Alliance. He has been heavily involved in all major releases of the OSGi specifications. He currently manages the OSGi technical work and gives workshops as the OSGi evangelist.

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