PS Quicktips Episode 44: The John Nack Interview

Posted in Graphics on July 02, 2008

In this very special episode of Quicktips I am joined by Adobe's Senior Product Manager for Photoshop, John Nack. I know many of you out there have been wanting to see more of Photoshop CS3 in action and in this episode John takes us through both the Photoshop Cs3 Standard features and also some of the amazing things Adobe has put into Photoshop CS3 Extended.My thanks to John for coming on the show this week and sharing his knowledge with all of us. If you would like to learn more about John and all the cool things he is up to these days. visit his blog at I know this posting is a little early for a new episode but since this is a longer episode with more content than we're used to here on Quicktips, I thought I'd post it early and give you a chance to soak it all in. I will see you next week!

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