Ruby Plus #65: ActiveMerchant with in Rails Part 2

Posted in Development, Frameworks on July 04, 2008

Ruby Plus #65: ActiveMerchant with in Rails Part 2

In this episode you will learn how to use CIM API of gateway to post transactions and add recurring billing logic.

For recurring billing you can check the last_charged_at field in Subscriptions table and if it was successfully processed you can charge the customer based on the interval. Interval attribute can store the frequency of charging a customer for subscriptions. I am using months as the unit for this attribute.Write a method in CustomerProfile model to check the subscriptions table for any pending charges that must be posted to the gateway. Use this class method in a Rake task that will be run by a CRON job.

Resources: How to create domain modelThe download includes the source code and the billing domain model diagram that is capable of handling recurring charges.

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