MVC Storefront Part 16: Membership Redo With OpenID

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Security on July 03, 2008

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I take a sledge-hammer (this is Ayende's fault) to my current Membership system and split it out into three separate services/parts. I then sit with Jon Galloway and talk about OpenID - and then I implement it.

I remember when ASP.NET gracefully took care of this for me and I've never had to do it again. Ever. Then Ayende comes along and tells me (as he loves to do) "you can write dis in ... ehhhh.... no time at all". Now I'd never in a million years rewrite ASP.NET Membership - but what he was saying was "loosen this application up - ASP Membership isn't everyone's thing" and he's right.

Active Directory, LDAP (of your choice), OpenID, Passport - so many things out there to choose from. The concept of a User these days is ... well... weird.

This episode is 40 minutes long and I hack apart the Membership bits into 3 services: Authentication, Authorization, and Personalization. My goal here is to create some reusable code that will move us beyond UserNames and Passwords... in other words to put on our thinking caps and look outside our beautiful walled garden.

by Rob Conery

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