dnrTV Show #52: Paul Sheriff on Providers in .NET

Posted in Frameworks, Development on July 05, 2008

dnrTV Show #52: Paul Sheriff on Providers in .NET

Our friend Paul Sheriff speaks to us from Sunny California about Providers in .NET. Paul shows us how to build and use your own providers and gives some examples of common yet powerful provider models that come with .NET.

Paul D. Sheriff is a recognized leader in the Visual Basic industry and the Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California. Paul is a frequent speaker at Microsoft Developer Days, Microsoft Tech Ed, Microsoft "MSDN Presents", Access/VBA Advisor Developer Conferences, and user groups across the country. Paul is a contributing editor to Access/VBA Advisor magazine. You can also see Paul teaching .NET on Microsoft WebCasts and with Blast Through Learning videos. Check out Paul's new book "ASP.NET Developer's Jumpstart" with co-author Ken Getz.

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