dnrTV Show #53: Mark Dunn on Streams in .NET

Posted in Frameworks, Development on July 05, 2008

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Mark Dunn is back on DNRTV and he's screaming about streaming this time. Getting to know and loves streams in .Net is fundamental. Mark walks us through doing basic file I/O and delves into some advanced topics like using network, memory and buffered streams. You'll also get to see using compression and encryption streams. Mark's demos make this all look easy...well heh it is easy! And you can download the code and stream to your hearts content.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in the disciplines of software engineering, database administration, and project management. Software that Mark developed for the radio industry is still in use today. He was a lead developer on the team that created Tapscan, a well-known Arbritron ratings analysis package that has dominated that industry for many years. ? Microsoft recently honored Mark by awarding him MVP status for his contributions to the Visual Studio .Net community. Mark also co-founded .Net Rocks, an Internet radio program for .Net developers recognized in over 80 countries and now hosted by Microsoft on the MSDN site. ? Mark is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Application Developer, Solution Developer for .Net, and Database Administrator.

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