dnrTV Show #58: Bill Vaughn on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

Posted in Frameworks, Databases, Development on July 05, 2008

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Mr. Bill Vaughn spent some time with Carl to talk about this light-weight version of SQL Server. Bill shows us exactly what it can do, what it can't and how to get around the few bumps in the road. If you are planning to use this database in an upcoming project this is a must-see!

William (Bill) Vaughn is an industry-recognized author, mentor, and subject-matter expert. He’s been in the computer industry for over thirty years - He’s worked with mainframe, minicomputer, and personal computer systems as a developer, manager, trainer, marketer, support person, and writer. After 14 years at Microsoft, Bill stepped away to work on his new books and training seminars. His area of specialization is focused on data access and especially Visual Basic and SQL Server. He’s written six editions of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Visual Basic and SQL Server (published by Microsoft Press) and two editions of ADO.NET and ADO Examples and Best Practices for Visual Basic Programmers. There’s even a C# version, ADO.NET Examples and Best Practices for C# Programmers. Bill is a top-rated speaker and frequents conferences all over the world including VSLive, DevConnections, and PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server). He’s also written a wealth of articles for magazines such as SQL Server Magazine, Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal, .NET Magazine, and many others. Bill is currently working on new content focusing on the .NET Compact Framework and SQL Server CE as well as the next version of SQL Server. He’s available for consulting or custom training.

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