Zed Shaw and Matt Pelletier Decide if Rails is Enterprise Ready

Posted in Conferences, Development, Testing, Frameworks, Security on July 05, 2008

Zed Shaw and Matt Pelletier Decide if Rails is Enterprise Ready

Zed Shaw and Matt Pelletier sat down with InfoQ's Obie Fernandez at RailsConf to explore some of the reasoning behind setting up the mongrel project, getting adoption in enterprise and dealing with developers who just aren't ready. Watch the interview to find out how much Shaw's Enterprise Mongrel product will cost, where the support contracts are and who'll come out on top when the vultures land.

Zed Shaw has been developing software for close to 14 years professionally and has worked in such industries as academics, security, government, and companies big and small. Matt Pelletier is a partner at EastMedia, a software, mobile, and business development firm based in New York City.

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