AOP Refactoring with Ramnivas Laddad

Posted in Development, Conferences on July 05, 2008

AOP Refactoring with Ramnivas Laddad

AOP expert Ramnivas Laddad explains how to use Aspects for refactoring cross-cutting concerns within classes (not just across classes) for things like reducing boiler plate code and potential for mistakes. How to recoganize and refactor such logic into aspects is covered, as well as applying aspects for resource management and concurrency control.

Ramnivas Laddad is an author, speaker, consultant, and trainer specializing in aspect-oriented programming and J2EE. His most recent book, "AspectJ in Action: Practical aspect-oriented programming" (Manning, 2003), has been labeled as the most useful guide to AOP/AspectJ. Ramnivas works for Interface21, providers of Spring.

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