Little and Spayd on Agile and Organizational Change

Posted in Project Management, Conferences on July 06, 2008

Little and Spayd on Agile and Organizational Change

Agile, once the territory of "early adopters" is coming into the mainstream and meeting resistance. Does this mean Agile can't work in more traditional teams and organizations? Not necessarily, say coaches Michael Spayd and Joe Little, in this InfoQ interview taped at Agile2006. What's needed is an awareness of the need to facilitate organizational change.

Joseph Little is a Certified Scrum Practitioner, and helps teams adopting Agile as a master coach and trainer. Michael Spayd, Principal, Cogility Consulting, helps catalyze and facilitate his clients transformation into Agile organizations. They have helped lead some of the largest enterprise Agile implementations in the US.

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