Patrick Linskey discusses OpenJPA and the JPA specification

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Conferences, Databases on July 07, 2008

Patrick Linskey discusses OpenJPA and the JPA specification

At The Spring Experience conference, InfoQ caught up with Patrick Linskey of BEA to discuss the current status of the Apache OpenJPA project. Linskey explains where OpenJPA came from, how it fits into the Object\Relational Mapping space, the differentiating features that OpenJPA provides, the JPA specification, and future plans for OpenJPA.

Patrick Linskey has been involved in object/relational mapping for 5+ years. Now at BEA, he leads the EJB team in designing and implementation of the WebLogic Server EJB solution. Patrick is one of the leaders on the EJB3 and the JDO specification teams, and is BEA's representative on the EJB3 expert group. Patrick also leads the OpenJPA open source project in Apache.

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