Rich Kilmer on the Power of Ruby

Posted in Development, Graphics, Conferences on July 07, 2008

Rich Kilmer on the Power of Ruby

Top rubyist Rich Kilmer gives InfoQ visitors an eye-opening look into his years of success using Ruby to tackle tough defense-related challenges at Darpa. Our interview covers a wide range of cutting-edge technologies from DSLs to Semantic Web technologies such as OWL, to using Flash as a front-end UI framework.

Rich Kilmer is the founder of Virginia-based software and services company InfoEther, Inc. His background includes peer-to-peer software, wireless web, workflow, and pen computing. His current projects make production use of Ruby on several DARPA research projects. He is an active member of the Ruby development community working on Alph, FreeRIDE, RubyGems, RubyJDWP and hosts

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