Erlang in Practice: Application preview

Posted in Development on July 10, 2008

Erlang in Practice: Application preview

Learn how to write Erlang programs by sitting next to an experienced Erlang programmer as he builds an application from the ground up. In these screencasts, Kevin Smith incrementally builds a distributed chat system using Erlang. You’ll learn first-hand how each aspect of the Erlang language fits together into a real-world application.

Throughout these 20-30 minute screencast episodes, you’ll get inside the mind of an experienced Erlang programmer: his thought processes, his development techniques, the tools he uses, and the tricks of the trade. You can follow along with each twist and turn as he adds new features and refactors existing code to shape the application over time. You’ll also see how he troubleshoots problems that crop up along the way. You’ll not only learn more about Erlang, you’ll also see ways to streamline your development workflow.

This episode highlighting the Erlang chat system Kevin builds in these screencasts.

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