JAOO Panel: Who will Develop Software in 10 Years?

Posted in Companies, Development, Conferences on July 09, 2008

JAOO Panel: Who will Develop Software in 10 Years?

Martin Fowler, Frank Buschmann, Steve Cook, Jimmy Nilsson, and Dave Thomas discuss the future of software development. Topics covered include outsourcing, is Google the next MS?, multi-core & parallism, grid computing, software stacks of the future, and more. A thoroughly thought-provoking panel! JAOO is producing the QCon event.

The panel was moderated by Martin Fowler, and included POSA author Frank Buschmann (from Siemens), Steve Cook (working on DSL tools at Microsoft), Jimmy Nilsson (author of Applying DDD), and Dave Thomas (founder of OTI who created Visual Age).

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