Walt Ritscher on WPF, Web 2.0 and more

Posted in Web Technologies, Companies, Conferences on July 09, 2008

Walt Ritscher on WPF, Web 2.0 and more

InfoQ sat down with Walt Ritscher at VSLive Toronto to talk about WPF, Web 2.0, and Microsoft code naming conventions. Listen to Walt share where he thinks WPF excels and who will build the killer apps in WPF. Walt provides a quick history on AJAX, where to use it and why it took 7 years to become relevant. Walt also lets us in on his new favorite Windows technology, Windows PowerShell.

Walt Ritscher is an active speaker; his teaching schedule has taken him throughout the U.S. providing training at corporations, universities and developer conferences.While working with Microsoft Press he was instrumental in creating "early adopter".NET courses for colleges and universities. He is heavily involved in the developer community - founding the .NET Developers Association in Redmond WA

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