Mike Keith on EJB 3

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Databases, Companies, Conferences on July 11, 2008

Mike Keith  on EJB 3

In this interview co spec lead Mike Keith discusses the current state of EJB 3. He covers how the community has drove the development of the EJB 3 spec as well as the praises and criticisms that have developed along the way. Keith also comments on the evolution of the specification to be work better with pojo's and embrace newer ideas such as dependency injection.

Mike Keith is the co-specification lead of EJB 3.0 (JSR 220) and also a member of the Java EE 5 expert group (JSR 244). He has been involved in EJB since its initial release and other forms of persistence since long before EJB. He is currently an architect for OracleAS TopLink and the Oracle OC4J J2EE Container and is a popular speaker at numerous conferences and events.

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