Ross Mason on Mule and the role of ESBs

Posted in Conferences on July 12, 2008

Ross Mason on Mule and the role of ESBs

Mule founder Ross Mason talks about the the role of the ESB, when to use and not to use ESBs, BPEL, and ESBs vs. integration brokers. Mule is an open source ESB and Ross discusses how people are using Mule and how it compares to commercial alternatives. Ross reveals that Mule got its name because it takes the donkey work out of integration projects.

Ross Mason is Co-founder and CTO of MuleSource, Inc., the creators of the open source Mule integration platform. He founded the Mule project in 2003 and strived to make it a leading Java-based ESB and integration platform. Mule is used by top-tier financial institutions such as CitiGroup, JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank as well as many other high profile enterprises including American Airlines, Adobe.

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