Ryan "zenspider" Davis, Hardcore Ruby Hacker

Posted in Development, Project Management, Testing, Conferences on July 11, 2008

Ryan "zenspider" Davis, Hardcore Ruby Hacker

Ryan Davis, known as "zenspider", is one of the highest-profile Rubyists in the world, and arguably one of the most influential ones. He is the author of a number of valuable Ruby open-source tools, including RubyInline and ZenTest. In this exclusive InfoQ interview, Ryan gives us a glimpse into how he has been pushing the envelope of what's possible with the Ruby language and runtime since 2000.

Ryan Davis is an object-oriented languages bigot. He cut his teeth on Smalltalk, which made him a really bad C programmer. He got into Ruby when it came around in 2000 because "it just felt right." Ryan is a hacker in the true, positive sense: He spends a lot of time writing code and the Ruby community is all the better for that fact.

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