Code Organization Guidelines for Large Code Bases

Posted in Conferences, Frameworks, Development on July 14, 2008

Code Organization Guidelines for Large Code Bases

Juergen Hoeller shares his experiences working on large projects (including his role as chief architect of the Spring Framework) to provide general guidelines on Packaging and package interdependencies, Layering and module decomposition, Evolving a large code base. Juergen will also discuss how tools can play a role in enforcing architectural soundness.

Juergen Hoeller has been the most active Spring developer since the open source project began from Rod's Interface21 framework back in February 2003. Juergen and Rod together continue to provide the direction for Spring.

About the conference
The Spring Experience conference is hosted by Interface21 and NoFluffJustStuff Java Symposiums (NFJS) and is dedicated to the Spring Framework community. TSE is a limited attendance, technically focused event targeted at Technical Project Managers, Architects, and Developers.

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