dnrTV Show #113: Brent VanderMeide on Transaction Scopes in .NET 2.0 Part 1

Posted in Frameworks, Development on July 15, 2008

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Brent VanderMeide shows how to use database transaction scoping, incliding how to create and use your own scope class.

Brent VanderMeide is a self-proprietor software engineering consultant at Code Impressions. As a software architect / sr. software engineer Brent has 9 years of experience creating innovative business applications. Brent often finds himself in the architect role of software. Everywhere he goes he brings innovative processes and solutions. Always on the cutting edge he loves learning the latest patterns and practices and applying which patterns fit the best for a particular solution. Brent has applied his software architecture and development skills for many large corporations including Intel, Micron, U.S. National Park Services, Johnson Controls International, Universal Studios, Sprint, and R.H. Donnelly Publishing & Advertising. With an extensive knowledge of the .Net framework, Brent has served solutions for all these clients using Microsoft’s .Net technology.

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