dnrTV Show #116: Rocky Lhotka on CSLA .NET 3.5 Part 1

Posted in Frameworks, Development on July 15, 2008

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Our good friend Rocky Lhotka stops by to show us his latest developments in CSLA .NET. Rocky walks us through some of the new features and the reasons behind them. This episode deals mostly with re-factoring and code consolidation.

Rockford Lhotka is the author of numerous books, including the Expert Visual Basic .NET & C# Business Objects books. He is a Microsoft Software Legend, Regional Director, MVP and INETA speaker. Rockford speaks at many conferences and user groups around the world and is a columnist for MSDN Online. Rockford is the Principal Technology Evangelist for Magenic Technologies, one of the nation's premiere Microsoft Gold Certified Partners dedicated to solving today's most challenging business problems using 100% Microsoft tools and technology.

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