PeepCode: Phusion Passenger

Posted in Development, Frameworks on July 13, 2008

PeepCode: Phusion Passenger

Phusion Passenger™ dropped onto the scene in early 2008 and immediately caused quite a stir.

Many developers have hoped for a way to run Rails applications natively inside Apache, and now it’s possible! Passenger™ makes development easier and is the best way to run Rails applications on shared hosts. You may even find it so easy to use that you choose to deploy your production applications with it as well.

After viewing this 54 minute screencast, you’ll be a Passenger expert. You’ll learn:

  • How to deploy to a shared host with Capistrano and Passenger
  • How to setup and configure a development machine from gems or the Passenger development repository
  • How to create SSL certificates and configure Apache for SSL
  • Troubleshooting tricks for when things go wrong
  • How to use Rails to take the place of mod_rewrite
  • Production tips

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