Developing in a Service-oriented World

Posted in Conferences on July 16, 2008

Developing in a Service-oriented World

Gregor Hohpe debunks many unrealistic claims about SOA and addresses the technical issues, such as the false sense of simplicity, differences to established programming models and the importance of documentation. He also criticizes what he calls "Doodleware", i.e. tools that aim to hide complexity behind a graphical process model notation, and suggests deriving models from running systems.

Gregor Hohpe is a software architect at Google, author of Enterprise Integration Patterns and a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.

About the conference
JavaZone is a conference on Software Development and Java Technology organized by the javaBin, the Java User Group in Norway. It has a technological profile, and is probably best described as a miniature JavaOne; it usually offers a combination of tuturials, technical talks and an exhibition.

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