RubyConf 2007: Introduction to AP4R

Posted in Conferences, Development on July 18, 2008

RubyConf 2007: Introduction to AP4R

Shunichi Shinohara (shino) and Kiwamu Kato (kiwana). they work for Future Architect, in Japan.

What is it? Asynchronous Processing for Ruby (AP4R). A messaging library in Ruby. Loose coupling by messaging.

Some background. "RtFA" is their company's proprietary java messaging middle-ware library (!= JMS).

  • Allows faster response to consumers. If it is not needed immediately, execute it later. Usage examples: logging, sending mail, and creating heavy summary data. More advanced use: intersystem connection.
  • Allows for load distribution (scales horizontally).

Advantages: lightweight (benefits from ruby) and robust (guaranteed message delivery).

Who is using it?

    • inbound queue
    • outboud queue
    • routing queue

Author: Shunichi Shinohara, Kiwamu Kato

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