RubyConf 2007: Why Camping Matters

Posted in Conferences, Development, Frameworks on July 18, 2008

RubyConf 2007: Why Camping Matters

“you can make input tags manually, did you know that?”

  • rails is boring, so you can focus on interesting business problems, camping is offbeat so you can focus interesting technical problems
  • rails is daunting to hack on, camping is easy to hack on, it’s ruby
  • rails encourages conformance, camping encourages experimentation

hacking is fun

  • we need to feed our inner hacker
  • we need a variety of food, make sure you are doing different things, don’t such pound on rails
  • hacking needs to be something you are passionate about

Started slow during the coding, in my opinion, because I have already played with Camping. I enjoyed the talk of the differences between rubyconf and railsconf simply because Brandon and I were talking about the same topic yesterday at a Starbucks.

Rails is awesome. It allows you to focus on business problems and solutions. I have to be honest though…it’s getting kind of boring. The more conventions and the easier Rails gets, the more boring it gets. Go try out camping, merb, sequel, and datamapper. Start learning something new in ruby. Keep getting paid to do rails and keep solving problems quickly, but force new ideas in. Don’t just continually take orders.

Author: Nathaniel Talbott

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