The Principles of Agile Design

Posted in Conferences, Graphics, Project Management on July 18, 2008

The Principles of Agile Design

Bob Martin of Object Mentor presents the first of his five principles of agile design. Beginning with an explanation of the real purpose of object-oriented design - the management of dependencies - Bob walks through a code example to illustrate how dependencies can be managed with abstractions, and that good designs are those in which high-level abstractions do not depend on low-level details.

"Uncle" Bob Martin helped create the Agile Manifesto, is a leading authority on Agile software development, and has authored books on Agile Programming, XP, UML, O-O Programming, and C++. Bob is the founder, CEO, and president of Object Mentor, whose professionals provide process improvement consulting, o-o design consulting, training, and development services.

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