How much are Computers able to Understand text?

Posted in Science on July 22, 2008

How much are Computers able to Understand text?

Lecture slides:

  • How Text Fits Into The Picture?
  • The Quest To Understand The Text
  • How Science Is Approaching The Problem?
  • Search Over The Documents
  • The Most Common Tasks With Text
  • Example: Searching For “Jaguar”
  • Context Sensitive Search With Http://Searchpoint.Ijs.Si
  • Question Answering: “Who Is Brewsterkahle?”
  • Question Answering: “Who Caused Great Depression?”
  • Text Visualization
  • Text Visualization
  • Example: Ww2 Query “Pearl Harbor”
  • Example: Ww2 Query “Belgrade”
  • Example: Ww2 Query “Normandy”
  • Document Atlas – Visualization Of Document Collections And Their Internal Structure
  • Detecting News Reporting Bias (1)
  • Detecting News Reporting Bias (2)
  • Semantics, Knowledge And Common Sense Reasoning
  • Towards Text Understanding…
  • The Cyc Ontology – Knowledge About Common Sense
  • Cyc (1)
  • Cyc (2)
  • …To Conclude…

Author: Marko Grobelnik, Department for Knowledge Technologies, Jožef Stefan Institute

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