Ranking Web Sites with Real User Traffic

Posted in Science on July 25, 2008

Ranking Web Sites with Real User Traffic

Lecture slides:

  • Outline
  • Sources for Ranking Data: The Link Graph
  • Sources for Ranking Data: Dynamic Sources
  • Sources for Ranking Data: Packet Inspection
  • Data Collection
  • Host graphs
  • Structural properties: Degree
  • Caveat: Sampling Bias
  • Structural properties: Strength (Site Traffic)
  • Structural properties: Weights (Link Traffic)
  • Behavioral patterns (HUMAN)
  • Ratios are stable
  • Validation of PageRank
  • Kendall’s Rank Correlation
  • PageRank Assumptions
  • Kendall’s Rank Correlation
  • Local Link Heterogeneity
  • Teleportation Target Heterogeneity
  • Teleportation Source Heterogeneity (“hubness”)
  • Navigation vs. Jumps: Sources of Popularity
  • Temporal patterns (1)
  • Temporal patterns (2)
  • HUMAN host graph

Author: Mark Meiss, Indiana University

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